Approx 11 inches

We make 1 pizza per guest but in saying that we always carry extra and never leave a function if the guests are still eating.

we usually need 2 hrs if its pizza only and 3hrs if its pizza and spit roast

you can pick any 4 toppings from our menu and be charged accordingly

No but we always carry extra dough , and have never left a function while the guests were still hungry

we cook approx. 50 pizzas per hr and can stretch that longer if the host wishes to so it grazing

when we quote it’s for BUFFET style service only , but can offer waiting staff for $150 for a 3 hr shift ( Negotiable )

yes a minimal fee depending on location. If its regional we calculate the staff travelling time return at $40 hr including fuel.

Yes you can and will be charged accordingly.

you need to check the weather 4 days prior and can organise a permit for the day through the local council. Worst case scenario if you cannot get a permit we will fully refund your money ( This is very rare and have not been in this situation as yet )

yes we do . we have gluten free basses and dairy free cheese available

yes of course you can

yes we have at a cost of $150 for 3hrs.