Daniella Camporeale

Hi Tony

Thanks for catering on the night. We were really happy with the pizzas and flavours as well as the quantity. There were plenty of pizzas left over. All my guests really enjoyed the food.

There were some minor things to comment on. I was told that napkins would be provided but there were none served with food, which made it quite awkward for people to eat. Luckily I had an extra supply to use on the night.

I wasn’t aware that the pizzas would be placed on a designated table, rather than the tables I had set out. If I had known about having a buffet style table I would have set up a more accessible area, central for the pizzas to be served. Perhaps this could have been communicated more clearly that week.

Overall it was an excellent service and would highly recommend in the future. The two young boys who worked on the night were great, they were quick, polite and well mannered.

I hope this feedback is helpful.

Kind Regards,

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