We do supply napkins and the pizzas are placed on wooden paddles for the guests to help themselves or waitress to take them around. Before we leave , the pizzas that remain are placed on paper plates.

What happens if there is a TOTAL FIRE BAN

If there is a FIRE BAN you can request a permit from the CFS for the day. We suggest to apply as soon as you know the weather for the day. If there is a TOTAL FIRE BAN then unfortunately no one with an open fire is permitted and the money will be refunded. This is rare and we recommend you have a plan B in place.

Is there a travel fee

yes a minimal fee depending on location. If its regional we calculate the staff travelling time return at $40 hr including fuel.

Do you offer table service

when we quote it’s for BUFFET style service only , but can offer waiting staff for $150 for a 3 hr shift ( Negotiable )

How long do you cook for

We cook approx. 45 pizzas per hr but can also bring an extra oven if you wish to speed up the process.


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